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Personal Notes


Site Updates

June 15, 2001: Inet 2001. I was again travelling. I travelled to the INET in Stockholm. More..
May 06, 2001: Today is my Birthday :-). I was in Hong Kong last week to attend the WWW10 conference. More..
April 26, 2001: I finally got around to updating this website. It's yet not complete, but I hope all of you will enjoy.

About Myself
It's my pleasure to welcome you to my home on the web. Enjoy your visit.

I am Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, freelance Information Technology Consultant and Journalist from Nepal. Here in this web site, you will find personal notes along with other information.

If you are looking towards hiring me, my resume is has most of the required details :-). When I am not sitting in front of my computer, I am writing, editing, doing photography, producing radio program, traveling and spending times with friends.