So, it’s been a while I haven’t been on an international flight, 21 days to be exact.   The last time I nearly got onto one – but didn’t –  it was unusual (my travel agents words, not mine), it ended up good, as the subsequent flights and my return flights got cancelled due to the Icelandic Volcano, which of course like everyone else, I can’t pronounce or spell. Going back into this trip, I had to cancel going to Riyadh, because the visa didn’t come through on time. So, from being on a trip that would have taken me to Riyadh, Frankfurt and Brussels, I stayed home all the time. -well not really – I went to Pokhara.  The turn of events was, I agree, unusual. I was going to fly Etihad Airways for the first time – that has to wait too now.

So, how is it to be not on the ‘road’ for almost a month. I think not much different. But, all the time you spend traveling, you end up doing other stuff.. which might have taken a back seat. Like this blog setup. All it needed was a few hours to tweak around. I hadn’t had the time to do that for more than two years now. That brings to the next question – was I being more productive just because I had lots of time or  because most people thought I was on the road, and had no expectations of me in Kathmandu ?  I have no idea. But at least the first 3-4 days after I was supposed to have flown out – I didn’t get any calls other than from my Travel Agent.

Anyway, it’s getting around the time for lunch, so let’s talk about food. I think when I am in Kathmandu, I do go to a fair number of foodie places. So, sometime in the last thee weeks, I did manage to go the not-so-new anymore Pizza Hut in Durbar Marg. The pizza was pretty good, I’d say.  And also this new place called ‘Caferina’ – which is in Sherpa Mall – the food is hit or miss. But, Lakpa’s Chulo in Jhamel still wins hands down on both food and ambience. The service is also great. I also found out that Rum Doodle has moved locations within Thamel. The new place is large and airy – but quite not the cosy atmosphere from the old location. Rum Doodle still has the best Rum Punch in town and that’s what matters more than the location.

What else.. being in Kathmandu, I had my scooter repaired, upgraded RAM on an older Laptop, found time to look through some old backups to get them onto this laptop and so on. I also found time to upload pictures to Facebook. Quite interesting to see that I had people commenting even before the entire album was uploaded.

The world is connected even if you are not on the road.