I have been nominated for the election to the APNIC Executive Council (EC). I accepted the nomination and am now looking for support from all friends in the Asian Internet community for their votes.  The EC is the board of APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific Region.

Most of you know that I have been a regular attendee at APNIC members meetings since 2002. APNIC 31 is the 18th Meeting I am attending. In the last decade of attendance, I have served as a speaker, policy proposer, BoF organizer, IX-SIG Chair and lately as the Chair of the Policy SIG. Policy SIG is where the public policy process that is so critical in the RIR system takes place..

APNIC is in cross roads. We have run out of IPv4 addresses and members are looking at APNIC Secretariat to provide guidance. Members are also bringing in policy proposals to change the way of thinking in v6 allocations. APNIC will need to evolve during the transition and adapt their workings to the IPv6 world. This will mean more work for the membership, and also for the secretariat.

While we operators of networks look at ways to deploy and extend our IPv6 services, the staff and the host-master must contend with new challenges of varying degree. All the while, APNIC will also have to contribute and continue to represent our community at critical Internet Governance Foras. The challenge for APNIC is to work closely with its members to align its own interests with the interests of its members and all other stake holders in the Internet Community. This will require better co-ordination with other RIRs, more outreach to non-members, and extending services to members..

I believe that with the engagement I have had with operators, regulators, R&E Networks, ccTLD operators in the AP region, I’ll be able to contribute to this evolution of APNIC. I should be able to contribute towards a better positioned APNIC, and continue to be an active player in the Internet in Asia Pacific..

Before I end, In the last 10 years, I have also attended and helped to organize the SANOG and APRICOT meetings, brining me closer to the AP Internet Community. In various roles with these meeting organization, I have taught workshops, done tutorials, chaired meetings, organized Peering Forums and brought lots of new people to the event.  In all the works that I have done, I think I have tried to keep to the spirit of the Internet and hope that I can get the support to continue doing that by being on the APNIC EC..

My Bio for the election is at http://meetings.apnic.net/31/elections/gaurab-raj-upadhaya.

If you are an APNIC members, please vote. You can start from http://meetings.apnic.net/31/elections.